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Investor Services Portal

14:56 14 de November de 2022 Por Daniel Oiticica

The way to invest in Ceará is now shorter and without bureaucracy. The Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor of Ceará (Sedet) is launching the Investor Services Portal, a digital space where Brazilians and foreigners can create a company and receive guidance on issuing the required documentation and detailed information about each economic activity in Ceará. The Portal brings together, for example, information and links to the essential bodies for opening an economic activity, such as the Board of Trade (Jucec), as well as Sedet’s itself, and its linked agencies, such as the Agricultural Defense Agency (Adagri) and the Ceará State Development Agency (Adece).

The Investor Services Portal is divided into four categories: sectorial – Agribusiness, Industry and Trade, Service and Innovation – and a fourth, Labor and Entrepreneurship. In each of these categories the investor will find a list of procedures related to the chosen sector, organized in alphabetical order, as well as a search tool that facilitates navigation.

“The portal is a business card for the whole world. It shows why Ceará is a great place to do business”, says Patrícia Campos, Sedet’s planning advisor. The objective is that the investor can open his company, after answering a series of questions. The questions are formulated by means of a bot or web robot, a software application that guides the investor towards the most suitable company format for their business profile.

The Portal also offers investors a link to the Ceará Guide – Land of Opportunities, a communication platform that presents the sectors of investment opportunities with information and multimedia interviews with experts, consultants, businessmen, and government representatives from the different economic sectors, as well as data on legislation and on Ceará’s regional vocations.

Together, the Investor Services Portal and the Ceará Guide will assist in the decision-making process for a particular investment in Ceará. “We are going to provide the entrepreneur with information about the economic sectors of Ceará and the investment possibilities”, explains Patrícia Campos, adding that, after navigating through the portal, if the person still has doubts, he can send a message via “Contact us”.

The Investor Services Portal completes a range of facilities that Ceará has been implementing for the improvement of its business environment, more agility for the development of the state.

See the Investor Services Portal here.