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Business Environment: All in one place

14:42 14 de November de 2022 Por Daniel Oiticica

Everything that investors and entrepreneurs need to do business in Ceará can be found in the Ceará Events Center. In one place it is possible to access the Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor (Sedet) and its affiliates, as well as service counters for the State Superintendence of the Environment (Semace) and the Department of Finance (Sefaz). The Events Center was already home to another important agency for Ceará’s economy: the Tourism Secretariat (Setur).

Sedet’s mission is to be the catalyzing agent for the economic development of the State of Ceará in a sustainable way, in an environment that favors the viability and maintenance of business and that contributes to the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship. Its associated companies, which operate within the same building as the Events Center, are Adagri (Ceará’s Agricultural and Livestock Defense Agency), Adece (Ceará’s Development Agency), Jucec (Ceará’s Board of Trade), CIPP (Pecém Industrial and Port Complex) and ZPE Ceará (Export Processing Zone).

The space emerged from the logic of creating in Ceará the best business environment for investors and entrepreneurs. It allows you to meet the One Stop Shop concept, all in one place. Access to the venue is via Gate D of the Events Center. At the entrance, the IDT service station is located, which performs activities for registering workers, referring them to opportunities and qualifying for unemployment insurance. The post also offers services from Ceará Credi, a sustainable microcredit program launched in 2020 by the Government of Ceará, run by the Ceará Development Agency (Adece), which grants credit and training to microentrepreneurs.

In the neighboring block, still in the basement, is the public service area with Adagri, Adece, Jucec, Semace and Sefaz counters. There are also Investor and Entrepreneur rooms, as well as a Co-working and Datacenter. On the second mezzanine, entrepreneurs and investors can find the offices of the entire Sedet System, including the CIPP and ZPE offices, in addition to the IDT articulation.

The floor also has 14 meeting rooms customized with the Ceará Veloz, an initiative of the Ceará Government that brings a set of actions to accelerate the growth of Ceará’s economy, with the reduction of economic and social inequalities.

“Today we have an interconnected, agile, legally secure process where entrepreneurs, whether large, medium, or small, can exercise their economic activity in a faster, more transparent, and agile manner. We have also evolved in some respects, such as the issue of universal access to formalization, with the adoption of advanced signatures, which brings us very strong legal security, both for the public sector and for the entrepreneurs themselves, because it prevents fraud”, says Carolina Monteiro, President of the Jucec. With an innovative vision, Carolina Monteiro is responsible for pioneering actions, such as the implementation of the first cloud-based database of Trade Boards in Brazil, as well as the Blockchain data security system.

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