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Ceará Veloz: Competitive diferentials

13:19 14 de November de 2022 Por Daniel Oiticica

Ceará Veloz aims to consider proposals for Ceará’s interactions in the economic field, both from the public and private point of view, indicating new patterns of state action and the efficient use of public resources, both in optimizing public spending and in enhancing non-tax revenues.

Another important aspect of Ceará Veloz is related to the intervention patterns of the state government, especially in relation to structural changes in the tax incentives system and in the construction of an environment for attracting strategic businesses for the development of the state. Veja aqui as informações sobre incentivos fiscais.

In its third version, the work highlights, in its first part, the basic guidelines of the Economic Development Plan of Ceará. Among them are the adherence of public policies for economic development to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with emphasis on Social and Environmental aspects; the improvement of the Business Environment, prioritizing reducing bureaucracy in the processes for Permits, licenses and other documents for the installation and operation of production units; the establishment of a Competitive and Sustainable State in support of infrastructure and intermodal logistics; the economic incentive to production chains that leverage development; advances in the bases of Science and Innovation for the digital transformation of the market, with support for the development of scientific research and acquisition of technologies; and the fostering of financing and investment partnerships that leverage the promotion and attraction of productive investments for the State and the Market, among others.

Ceará Veloz also assesses the economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis on Ceará’s economy, considering changes in world and national scenarios and an analysis of the performance of Ceará’s economy in its various economic sectors in the period from early January to July 2020.

The work highlights the competitive differentials of Ceará, such as its fiscal stability and leadership in public investments in Brazil, its geographical location, also recognized by its trinity of Hubs: Airport, Maritime and Technology with fiber optic coverage that places Ceará as one of the most connected states in the country. In addition, it has the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP) which houses one of Brazil’s best ports, including the only Export Processing Zone (ZPE) in operation in the country. Ceará is also a pioneer in the renewable energy sector in the country.

And finally, Ceará Veloz deals with transversal strategic actions to stimulate the state’s economic growth, which had as reference studies Ceará 2050; Fortaleza 2040; Strategic Routes, prepared by the Federation of Industries of Ceará (FIEC); Ceará’s Government Plan – Creative, Innovative and Transforming State; the Northeast Regional Development Policy (PRDNE), coordinated by Sudene, and the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs work prepared by the UN.

This part of the work deals with the structural challenges for the development of Ceará, and the detailing of the proposals for strategic actions containing the actions of a transversal nature, contemplating the areas of infrastructure, taxation, simplification and de-bureaucratization, human capital, knowledge economy and innovation, work, entrepreneurship and informality.

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