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Differentiated Actions

14:27 14 de November de 2022 Por Daniel Oiticica

Sustainable Development and Innovation Clusters Program
This is a development proposal for each of Ceará’s 14 planning regions through innovations to the respective economic sectors of greatest potential, whose specialized higher education and professionalizing education have a greater offer in that region.

Its goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of each region of Ceará by stimulating innovation in its main productive chains, generating and distributing wealth, and retaining and attracting talent.

From the validation of the regional clusters, the identification of each sector’s problems was started. The process occurred through participative workshops moderated by the Chief Innovation Scientists of Ceará and counted on the cooperation of regional actors from companies, educational institutions, and municipal governments.

In the 2021 cycle 49 problems from 23 clusters in 9 planning regions were prioritized. Together with the prioritization of problems, 41 regional researchers from 12 public and private higher education institutions in Ceará were selected. The program has advanced to the 2022 cycle, where 57 problems were prioritized from 30 clusters in all 14 planning regions of Ceará. In all, 12 economic sectors are being served in this process, which relies on 52 regional scholarship researchers.

Entrepreneurial City
The project Entrepreneurial City aims at the transformation of municipalities, connected with Sebrae’s territorial development strategy, which aims to direct, accelerate and sustain the process of local socio-economic development, focusing on improving the business environment, fostering entrepreneurship and promoting business competitiveness. The program’s strategy is based on a partnership and systemic action with government, so that it becomes a facilitating agent, together with the market and society, to stimulate the formation of a social capital capable of sustaining the development process. In its first cycle in Ceará, in 2021, the Entrepreneurial City worked in 51 municipalities.

Startup Challenge
Created to serve potential entrepreneurs studying higher education in Ceará with a training process aimed at innovative entrepreneurship, the Startup project integrates the collective effort of partners from municipal and state public agencies, private institutions, civil society and partners from the economic sectors. aiming to strengthen youth entrepreneurship and the creation of startups and innovation projects that can become companies. The Challenge is an initiative of Sebrae/CE in partnership with the Government of the State of Ceará, through the Secretariat of Economic Development and Labor (Sedet) and the Development Agency of the State of Ceará (Adece).

The first place in the Startup 2022 Challenge went to the Ecoduz+ Project, from the IFCE Sobral students.  It is an application for mapping and energy use, the APP Solarium, which makes practical diagnoses of solar energy generation, shading and dirt detection, comparison with weather data in real time, contacts and scheduling of specialized support, all automated with Artificial Intelligence.

Oriented Credit
It proposes a service path for small businesses (micro and small-sized companies) that seek to access credit, carrying out interventions before, during and after the granting of credit. To support the businesses in the pre-credit and post-credit phases, Sebrae/CE has a wide range of consulting and training services, both on-site and remote, that can improve the management level of the business, making it more competitive and prepared for the challenges of the market. For each business to have a personalized follow-up, the “Credit Journey” was developed, a trail consisting of individual and group consultations with an average duration of 30 days.

Impel Ceará: Strengthening Local Productive Arrangements
The program aims to contribute to the updating and implementation of a support policy for the development of Local Productive Arrangements (APL) in the State of Ceará, through the execution and monitoring of actions to develop them. The goal is to support business acceleration in the regions of Ceará and, consequently, regional development. The program is financially made possible by the Development Agency of the State of Ceará (Adece) and is carried out by the Institute for Technological Education (Centec).

APLs are formed by a set of economic, political and social actors, located in a territory, developing specialized productive activities in a certain sector (primary, secondary or tertiary) and present formal and informal links when performing production, interaction, cooperation activities, learning and innovation.

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