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João Jorge Reis (Aceav): Our Land is Fertile

16:49 19 de November de 2022 Por Daniel Oiticica

João Jorge Reis, President of the Ceará Poultry Association (Aceav)

The poultry industry in Ceará represents a great opportunity for the production of inputs, such as feed, according to the President of the Ceará Poultry Association (Aceav), João Jorge Reis. In this interview, he highlights the importance of increasing feed production, which today is purchased in other states and sends a message to potential investors.

How is the poultry sector positioned today in Ceará?
We dominate the technological issue. Any poultry producer today knows that technology is essential to guarantee competitiveness. The poultry producer has always tried to keep up with the best technology available in Brazil. The poultry sector in Ceará is promising, with a great growth potential. We are in an easy export area, close to the main import markets, in a privileged position.

What are the biggest opportunities for investors in the poultry sector?
We see a great opportunity for those who want to invest in inputs to make the poultry industry grow, because the biggest challenge in poultry farming is in the feeding, in the feed. Today we must import from other states, even though our state has promise in terms of grain production, which has been growing a lot. So, this is the great challenge and the great opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in this sector. If we have a greater production of inputs within Ceará, we will be much more competitive. A very productive grain center that is unexplored is the Cariri region, where many grains can be produced.

In terms of genetic technology Ceará is also a big regional center…
We have in Ceará a company that holds genetic material at a farm in Paracuru. The supply of this genetic material is very important not only for Ceará, but for several states in the North and Northeast.

What is your analysis of the financing available for the sector?
The Bank of Brazil and the Bank of the Northeast play an important part in the development of the poultry sector.

What message would you convey to investors interested in coming to Ceará?
Ceará is a fantastic state, starting with its people. A very receptive people, very polite, with a spectacular entrepreneurial spirit. There’s nothing lazy around here. Everyone wants the proper opportunity to express their aptitude. Our land is fertile, we have to irrigate, we have to provide the right conditions, provide the necessary supplements in terms of fertilization and have courage. Well-administered irrigation works miracles. And the amount of sun that Ceará has is fabulous, which increases productivity.