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Danilo Gomes & Ricardo Maciel (Ortusolis): Automated Sanitation

16:48 16 de November de 2022 Por Daniel Oiticica

Danilo Gomes & Ricardo Maciel, Partners at Ortusolis Technology

Winner of the Ceará Sustainable Development and Innovation Cluster Programs, Ortusolis Tecnologia has developed an ozone generator which automatically disinfects environments. In this interview, Danilo Gomes and Ricardo Maciel, partners of the company, tells us about the product’s differentials and how Ceará boosted the development of its business as a startup.

What innovation does Ortusolis offer to the market?
Ortusolis Tecnologia is a company that has developed the ozone generator for environments, a piece of equipment that transforms oxygen into ozone. It has a high oxidizing power and completely sanitizes the environment, eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, mites and insects, that is, it is a powerful sanitizer. It is used to clean homes, vehicles, air conditioning ducts, among others. In mid-2021, we entered the Clusters program to develop the business and obtained first place in the program.

What is its great differential?
The differential of our equipment is not that it is an ozone generator, as there are already several models on the market, but because it is the only one in the world that is automated. The ozone generator operates by remote control or a mobile app. So, people are not held hostage to the equipment, being able to leave it programmed to work autonomously during the scheduled period of operation, whether at the company, in a store or in any warehouse which needs to be sanitized.

How did the first place in the Sustainable Development and Innovation Clusters program help in the development of the project?
It helped in structuring the company. We had the idea, we developed the product, but we didn’t know how to bring it to the market, make the presentation, highlight the priorities or the main differentials that we could prioritize for commercialization and dissemination of this equipment. So, we started to be part of a group of startups, with the support of Sedet, which started to publicize us and proposed that we participate in fairs, such as agriculture and chemical industry fairs, in which we could present the equipment. They also made us available to the Ninna Hub, a center that promotes startups. There, we were given a space to work and develop our business.

What results are you getting?
We gained more publicity and there is a demand from companies that want to represent us, institutions that work with medical equipment. So, we have started talks to provide the equipment in product portfolios. We are also working with gyms. Today, we have more opportunities to promote the equipment and ozone itself, which is still a novelty on the market.

What opportunities are there for investors?
We are looking for investors to expand the solution. We have a project under development, which is an ozone generator for water tanks. By simply placing the equipment in the water tank, it is totally sanitized, without bacteria. Another novelty is the ozone generator for swimming pools, which replaces chlorine. By using ozone, people who dye their hair blonde needn’t worry that it will turn green, or that it may even cause skin and eye irritation. We have other leads besides the ozone environment generator, which is a product that replaces sodium chloride to sanitize fruits and vegetables.

What would you say to investors interested in Ceará?
I see that Ceará is very engaged in business development, in making sure that companies really don’t give up. We have given out many invitations for new startups to really invest, develop, and get off the ground.